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Accommodation and hospitality

Each of the headquarters hotels will have a business centre with facilities for photocopying, faxing and shredding. A business centre is located on Floor 1 of the ICC for photocopying, fax and telephone facilities on a commercial basis.

  • Edward Hotel, Tel 031 - 337 3681, Fax 031 - 332 1692
  • Hilton Hotel, Tel 031 - 336 8100, Fax 031 - 336 8200
  • Holiday Inn Elangeni Durban, Tel 031 - 362 1300, Fax 031 - 332 5527
  • Holiday Inn North Beach, Tel 031 - 332 7361, Fax 031 - 337 4058
  • Royal Hotel, Tel 031 - 304 0331, Fax 031 - 307 6884

Also refer to accreditation and registration for details of accommodation options.

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All delegates must be registered in advance and be in possession of an OAU photo security badges for access to meeting venues and hotels.

Security badges must be displayed at all times.

Those members of delegation who did not register in advance have to register at the Accreditation Centre in Hall 6 of the Durban Exhibition Centre (DEC) adjacent to the ICC. Participants who want to register at the Accreditation Centre have to provide the original documentation giving appropriate proof of identity and membership of a delegation, issued by their respective governments/ organisations.

Also refer to accreditation and registration for details of media accreditation.

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All flights will use Durban International Airport. The airport is 20-30 minutes drive from central Durban where the ICC and delegates' hotels are located. There is a Protocol Help Desk in the Arrivals Hall.

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Information desk

The Information Desk is situated on floor two of the ICC and can be contacted at 031 - 360 1073

The Information Desk is open during the following hours:

  • 1000 - 1800 Friday 28 June to Saturday 29 June

  • 0900 - 1900 Monday, 1 July to Tuesday, 2 July

  • 0900 - 1900 Thursday, 4 July to Saturday, 6 July

  • 0900 - 2100 Monday, 8 July to Wednesday, 10 July

  • 1000 - 1600 On all other days not listed above (from 28 June)

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Language assistance

Simultaneous interpretation in the four official languages of the OAU (Arabic, English, French and Portuguese) will be provided for all sessions by the OAU General Secretariat. Delegates who require interpreters and translators for bilateral and other meetings are kindly requested to make their own provision for such services.

Officials proficient in Arabic, English, French and Portuguese will facilitate communication at the information desks of the Durban and Johannesburg international airports and at the ICC.

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Media facilities

The Media Centre, including facilities for print and electronic media, is located adjacent to the International Convention Centre (ICC). The Media Centre can be reached by telephone at (031) 360 1075. The Media Centre is accessible to accredited media representatives and to accredited delegates.

A Press Briefing Room is available in the Media Centre. A television interview facility is available on Floor 3 of the ICC, above the foyer. These facilities can be booked at the Media Centre Information Desk.

Delegations should nominate their own Media Officer who can be easily contacted to arrange, on request, media interviews with their delegation. This officer should provide his/her details to the Information Desk at the Media Centre as soon as possible after the delegation arrives.

Delegations wishing to organise press briefings at the Media Centre should contact the Media Centre's Briefing Room Booking Desk through their Media Officers or Military Liaison Officers. Media interviews may be conducted at the Media Centre, the one-on-one television interview facility in the ICC or, at delegates' hotels (see Procedure to Receive Guests and Media Personnel at Designated Hotels). In the latter case delegations must advise their Military Liaison Officers of these appointments in advance. Media Liaison Officers will be on hand in the Media Centre for professional assistance.

Delegations wishing their national media to cover bilateral meetings in the ICC must make arrangements, as above, at least one hour in advance with the Media Centre's Information Desk and notify their Military Liaison Officers.

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Medical services

The Meeting Medical Centre is situated in Hall 12 on Floor 2 of the ICC with the entrance leading off the concourse. The centre will be open from 0800 to 2000 from 28 June to 10 July 2002.These hours can be extended if necessary.

A Medical Post will also be situated within the Media Centre and will be open for the same period as the Medical Centre.

Should a delegate have a medical emergency they may contact the Medical Operations Centre on 031 - 305 8077. This centre will be in operation 24 hours per day from the 27 June to 11 July 2002.

The South African Government will provide medical insurance for Heads of State/Government and their spouses. All other participants are responsible for paying their own medical, surgical, dental or hospital fees. Delegates are advised to be in possession of medical travel insurance as both private and public medical facilities will require payment for services.

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Meeting Secretariat

The OAU General Secretariat is located in Hall 3BC on Floor 2 of the ICC. The Secretariat is responsible for conducting the Meeting, including all documentation in preparation for, or emanating from the Summit and its preceding meetings.

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NGOs accredited to the OAU

Non-governmental organisations will be accredited to the Durban OAU/AU Summit. Accredited NGOs are invited to such occasions as the opening Plenary Session, briefings by the OAU Spokesperson, other press briefings and appropriate social events. They are not permitted to enter the ICC unless specifically invited to do so.

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The South African Government is responsible for the security and safety of all participants and venues. The VIP Protection Service of the South African Police Service in co-operation with the relevant Provincial and specialised units of the Police Services and South African National Defence Force will provide appropriate protection.

Briefcases and packages are subject to security examination on entry to any meeting venue and Headquarters Hotels. All mail will be screened. If any suspicious package is found, please report it to the nearest security personnel.

Firearms will not be allowed onto the premises of the Durban International Convention Centre.

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The following communications facilities will be available on a commercial basis at the ICC and at the hotels in Durban:

  • Telephone service for national and international calls.

  • Rental of cellular telephones.

  • Facsimile services.

  • Postal services.

Public telephones are located throughout the ICC and Media Centre. Phone cards can be purchased in the ICC, TELKOM Offices and hotels.

To make:

  • An international call - dial 09 + country code + city code + local number.

  • Operator-assisted international calls (collect and person to person) - dial 0900.

For International directory information - dial 0903.

The South African country code is 27 and the Durban area code is 031 (or 31 for international calls).

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Regular shuttle transport will be available between Durban International Airport, the headquarters hotels and the ICC. There will be a Transport Help Desk at the airport. The buses, with clear signage, will be parked close to the exit of the airport building. Please obtain a copy of the detailed transport schedule from the Help Desk at the ICC or headquarters hotels.

Additional transport may be hired by delegations at their own expense. Rental vehicles are available in Durban through well-known companies. Delegations requiring additional chauffeur-driven vehicles can arrange this through car-hire companies. Please note that hired cars will not be allowed within the security perimeter of the ICC and the headquarters hotels where Heads of State and Government will be accommodated.



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