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Symbolism of the summit logo

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The brief for the design of the logo was to create a symbol that would visually represent the union of the African continent. The idea was to create one that relates to the NEPAD logo while embracing definite South African characteristics - as South Africa is the host for this first African Union (AU) Summit.

The designer of the logo, Ms Anande Nothling of Government Communication and Information System (who designed the WCAR logo) advised her design concept as follows:

When starting the process, the first consideration was the linking of NEPAD and the AU Summit logo. The same green and gold used in the NEPAD logo was chosen. The green represents growth and symbolises the renaissance of the entire African continent. The gold represents the diverse wealth of Africa. Red and black complete the scheme of colours traditionally used to portray our continent.

The two minimalist dancing figures represent all African peoples and are styled to closely resemble the shape of the African continent. The female figure symbolises women holding and protecting all peoples of Africa. The differentiation between the male and female figures alludes to diversity and unity of a dynamic society. It furthermore embodies the importance of a combination of co-operation and trust as well as togetherness, friendship and happiness.

The style in which the figures were created was derived from ancient African rock paintings with modern inspiration from the Mozambican artist Malangatana. The figures have further relevance as similar African rock paintings are used in the South African Coat of Arms.

There is also the imagery of the sun rising, suggesting a new dawn for the African continent. This once again links to the NEPAD logo that shares the symbolism.

The image of the island to the east of the African continent represents all the islands around Africa.



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